Micro Scale Kits for Radio Control
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Dominick and the Microaces Wall 'Hangar'

An elegant, easy to assemble, self adhesive wall hook system designed to get your Microaces squadron 'up, up and out of the way'. 

A 'one size fits all' design that holds your models on the wall to create a beautiful display and an eye catching and easy storage solution for your micro fleet.

The Hangars are available in packs of three. Laser cut from 3mm Acrylic and available in Piano Black or Bright White, they also sport a laser etched Microaces Logo. Choose your prefered colour from the drop down menu. Each is supplied with a strip of self adhesive hook & loop tape to firmly secure it.

At £15 for a pack of three, they are great value too.

Oh, and by the way...Dominick Inman (AKA Dom) is the designer of these very effective hooks.


Let's tell you about Dom...

Dominick is a 15 year old with a very bright future. From the age of 7 he's flown RC aircraft and at school his interests lie in design and technology with an obvious passion for product design.

In 2018 he took the incredible step to learn to fly, working towards getting his glider pilots license. (You've probably guessed; he wants to be a pilot). 

Unfortunately the pandemic put a pause on his gliding ambitions but, rather than rest on his laurels, he came to help out at Microaces on weekends, rolling up his sleeves and hoping to learn some new skills in the process.

We've hopefully been able to show him everything from the right end of a broom, to an introduction to Adobe software products and how to use a laser cutter. He is very much a valued part of the Microaces team.

The Microaces Hangar is Dom's first product to hit the marketplace. He's designed it from the ground up, doing the R&D, prototyping, costings and photography. He will also be involved in production, packing and shipping too.

How YOU can help Dom fly!

Dom will be back in the skies very soon as we start to open up again here in the UK.

All you have to do is buy a pack or two (or three) Microaces Hangars. 20% of each sale goes directly to Dominick, to help him continue with his flying ambitions and fund his flying lessons. 

So buy enough for the whole fleet AND some (future builds possibly?)

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