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Microaces Micro Motor and Gearbox (STANDARD prop shaft)

Microaces Micro Motor and Gearbox (STANDARD prop shaft)

High performance coreless brushed motor with robust gearbox and prop shaft used in non-rotary engined Microaces models.
  • Ideal for most aerobatic models weighing up to 1.3 oz and sport/scale models up to 2.5 oz
  • 15000kV 8.5mm x 20mm coreless motor. 1.5 - 4.2v operating voltage
  • Approx 6g in weight.
  • Recommended for Microaces Aero kits without rotary engines.
  • All Microaces Aero kits include a gearbox mounting plate for this particular component.
  • Fits the Microaces SE5a, Fokker DVII and the Scrappee range of kits.
  • Standard prop shaft can be replaced with an extended prop shaft to fit rotary engined Microaces kits.

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