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deHavilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide 'G-AGSH'



A brief history...

Developed in Britain during the 1930s, the deHavilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide was a twin engine, short haul biplane airliner that could carry 6-8 passengers. From its introduction in 1934, it proved a great success commercially, with many airlines and private operators ordering it both domestically and overseas. 728 aircraft were made in total, many of which served as training aircraft during WWII.

Remarkably, there are still DH.89s operating in a number of countries, giving passengers a nostalgic experience of the golden age of aviation and as testament to the very best in aviation design.

Microaces Kit

Using the unique and inventive methods and materials that have become a Microaces kit signature, this 1/24th scale replica is every bit as exciting on display or in the air. With detail and function rarely seen at this scale, the Microaces DH.89 Dragon Rapide kit brings this iconic aircraft to life. 

The Microaces kit is a replica of the Dragon Rapide serial number G-AGSH that still operates out of Old Warden and is part of the Shuttleworth Collection. The livery is that of British European Airways (BEA) that operated between 1946 and 1974 in the UK.

Twin Engines, Differential Thrust and 3 Axis Stability

The standard KIT includes two brushed HYPER motor/gearboxes, standard and counter rotating GWS 4530 props with adapters and two motor extension cables, two aileron servos & a servo Y cable.

The recommended Electronics Pack for the DH.89 boast twin brushed ESCs integrated into the receiver and the Programming Interface Module (PIM) that allows adjustment of differential thrust, 3 axis stabilization and channel assignment on the receiver. It also completes the control systems with two additional servos for elevator and rudder control.


A customized Microaces LED Lighting System is supplied as standard with the standard DH.89 kit. It adds a wow factor to the model by providing navigation, anti-collision and landing lights that can be controlled via your transmitter (requires minimum of 6 channel transmitter)

Kit Options

Airframe Only - Everything required to build the aircraft airframe minus motors, props & electronics.

Kit  - The entire Airframe + 2 x HYPER Motor/gearbox, 2 x Aileron Servos, Servo Y Cable, 2 x Motor Extension Cable, custom LED Lighting Pack, including wing tip navigation lights, anti-collision light and landing light, LED Y cable and LEC Control Unit. All you need is to add the Twin Series Electronics Pack compatible with your transmitter.

Video Assembly Guide

This particular kit will be supported by the most comprehensive video guide Microaces has produced. Not only will you be led through the sequence of assembly, but you will also be shown techniques and tips on how best to bring the parts together. With such positive feedback from previous build videos, our focus will increasingly be on providing the most content rich and explanatory video guides.

The support you get with a Microaces build is increasingly, second to none!


Microaces DH.89 Dragon Rapide

Airframe 1/24th Scale
Controls Rudder, Elevator, Throttle, Aileron, Diff. Thrust*
Length 450mm / 17.7"
Wingspan 615mm / 24.2"
Wing Area 6.96 sq dm / 77 sq in.
Flying Weight. 99 - 110g/3.5 - 3.9oz
Wing Load ~14.9 g/sq.dm / 4.9 oz/sq.ft.

 *Available through programming the receiver specified for the kit.

Video Assembly Guide

The kit comes with a basic quickstart guide with a complete inventory checklist and a link to the complete Video Assembly Guide on Microaces Workshop Youtube Channel

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