Micro Scale Kits for Radio Control
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What's in the kit?

A Microaces Aero kit contains a wondrous array of quality parts in a number of different materials that have been through some pretty amazing manufacturing processes. At first glance you may get a nostalgic feeling that you're about to embark on your first plastic kit. But you'll soon realize its a whole lot more than that!

If you've got your hands on one of our pre-printed kits, the first thing you'll notice is the bright, sharp detail of many of the parts that have been decorated to a level that a master modeler would be happy with. You'll also notice that the wings and tail feathers have been put through a process to ensure that this level of illustrative decoration is found on both sides of the foam. There is nothing else that matches this in the hobby market today.

Digging down into the box you'll also notice that there are plastic parts with printed detail on. In fact this is a lightweight polymer based product that is tougher and lighter than your normal plastic card or injection molded stuff. It's not only used to toughen up the foam structure of the model but also forms its own 2 and 3 dimensional parts too. Easy to fold and shape, it's another unique material treated in an innovative way that Microaces has brought to the hobby market.

Most of the main kit parts are laser cut too to ensure precision. It does takes longer this way but provides a level of quality and accuracy that other methods of cutting cannot!

All kits also come with pre shaped control wires for rudder and elevator, a set of neodymium magnets for the battery hatch, a laser cut plywood motor mount, lightweight neoprene rubber tyres, plenty of carbon fibre and a 2D pilot to complete the kit.

In an effort to eliminate damage in transit, there is a 3mm plastic board insert added to each kit. We thought it would be a great idea to add graphics to it to make a realistic display base for your finished model when you're not flying it!

The assembly guide for each kit is stored electronically and easily downloadable. It also helps us provide a truly comprehensive document without having to pass on printing and shipping costs. They are free to download. Go ahead, take a look!