Micro Scale Kits for Radio Control
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3D Printed Pilot - 1/20th Scale


Digitally sculpted by professional artist Max Grüter and printed using a state-of-the-art resin 3D printer, our range of 1/20th scale pilots are a must have addition for the NEW Microaces Albatros D.V kit.

The exquisite detail and realism given to them by Max is brought to life by the most accurate 3D printing technology available to us. It gives a detailed rendition of the sculpture at a wall thickness of less 0.7mm. Which means that each pilot weighs a meager 1.7g unpainted, ~1.8g - 1.9g painted.

Each pilot model has a 4mm diameter hole on the underside, allowing the pilot to be mounted on a standard drinking straw that is easily attached to the internal keel of the model.

Each pilot figure is supplied unpainted and readily accepts acrylic modelers paint. 



  *Discount for three or more pilots is applied at checkout.

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