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Bristol F.2b BRUSHLESS Upgrade Pack


Brushless Upgrade for Bristol F.2b kit

 Increase power & performance of the iconic British two seater fighter. Provides up to 15g additional thrust to the Microaces model over the original brushed PLUS motor.

Upgrade your existing Bristol F.2b

The Brushless Upgrade Pack can be easily fitted to an existing, fully built aircraft. Watch the BRUSHLESS UPGRADE VIDEO (coming soon) to see how it's done. 

OR INCLUDE in a New Bristol F.2b Kit

The kit can also be purchased alongside a new Bristol F.2b kit - just select the Airframe Only option when ordering the F.2b kit, then add the required brushless upgrade pack to your order.

What's in the Upgrade Pack?

The Pack includes: 

  • NEW All-In-One 5 channel 2.4GHz brushless receiver
  • AP05 5000kV Brushless Motor
  • GWS5030 prop, adapter & prop stickers
  • 2mm Foam parts
  • 0.8mm Plywood brushless motor mount
  • Sticker Pack for nose & prop
  • Velcro battery strap
  • Rudder and Elevator control rods

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering, ensure you select the correct receiver to work with your transmitter. If unsure, check your transmitter instruction manual to find out which protocol(s) it uses. Then select the compatible receiver protocol from the drop down menu above or pick the type you require here:

DSM2/X Compat. S-FHSS Compat. FrSky D8 Compat.  FrSky D16 Compat.




The Bristol Brushless Upgrade Pack is support exclusively by a comprehensive Video Assembly Guide. A link is provided in the Pack or you can view it directly HERE:



AIO BRUSHLESS Receiver Specification

Size:  24mm x 32mm x 8.5mm
Weight: 4.4g
Voltage: 3.5 - 5.0v
ESC: Brushless 5A
Servo arm travel: 7mm
Pull: 35g @ 4.2v
Plug/Socket type: Servo:JST-SH | Battery:UM Type | Motor: 3 Pin 2.0mm pitch
Compatibility: DSM2/X, S-FHSS, D8 or D16 protocols
Suitability: For micro models up to aprox. 120g 




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