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Microaces Twin Motor/ESC Flight Pack

Microaces Twin Motor/ESC Flight Pack


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Flight Pack for micro scale twin engine aircraft using standard propshaft gearbox. 


Micro SR3X 5 channel 2.4GHz receiver, with twin ESC for brushed motor operation AND 3 Axis Stabilization.

USB Programming Interface Module* (Requires Crossover RX App for PC)

Four 1.7g low voltage micro digital servos with mini JST connectors

Lightweight servo 'Y' Cable for 2 x aileron servo connections to single receiver port. 

 2 x Micro Motor/Gearbox. Choose your required prop shaft length

2 x Motor extension cables (165mm)

1 x GSW4530 prop 1 x GWS4530R prop

2 x Rubber Prop Adapter

 *USB Programming Interface Module does not require installing into the model.

An incredibly small and lightweight electronics package for twin engine models up to 120g.

The Micro SR3X receiver boasts a 3 axis stabilization system that can be controlled through CH5 on your transmitter by way of a 3 way switch for OFF, ON LOW & ON HI stabilization levels. 

Differential thrust can be programmed onto any channel (default on CH2) using Crossover RX App.

SR3X Receiver is 'Plug and Play' with battery lead compatible with UMX battery PH2.0 connector, 2 x 2 pin 1.27 pitch brushed motor connectors compatible with the plug on Parkzone & E-flite brushed motors and Microaces Motor/Gearbox units. Also includes 4 x JST-SH sockets for aileron, elevator, throttle and rudder and one M-BUS connector* for plugging into computer for setting adjustments.

Dimensions (WxLxH): 16 x 27 x 6mm, Weight: 2.2g including leads & motor connectors.

Available with Spektrum DSM2/X, Futaba S-FHSS or FrSky D8 protocols. 

1.7g servos provide up to 0.075kg.cm at 0.06s/60 degrees. 


Receiver Instructions

Crossover RX PC Interface

Installing and using Crossover RX App


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