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Fokker D.VII 4CH - Ernst Udet's Lo!



Fokker D.VII Flown by Ernst Udet, Jasta 4 -1918

A Revised Re-release 

After a 3 year break the 4 Channel Microaces Fokker DVII returns with a more powerful HYPER motor, improved scale detail, an enhanced aileron control mechanism and is presented in one of the most recognisable D.VII liveries; that of WWI Ace Pilot, Ernst Udet. 

*The 3D Resin Printed Detail Pack includes 2 x LMG 08/15 'Spandau' Machine Guns, Mercedes D.III Engine Detail and Exhaust Trumpet. ONLY AVAILABLE WITH KIT. NOT AVAILABLE with Airframe Only option.

Making History

Udet joined the Imperial German Air Service in April 1915 at the age of 19, eventually becoming a notable flying ace of World War I, scoring 62 confirmed victories. He was the highest scoring German fighter pilot to survive the war, and the second-highest overall after Manfred von Richthofen, his commander during his time in the 'Flying Circus'.

The Microaces kit reproduces Udet's unique personal Fokker D.VII. He had it painted with a candy-striped upper wing and a red fuselage with ‘Lo!’, the nickname of his girlfriend Eleanor Zink on the flanks. ‘Du doch nicht!‘ was emblazoned on the elevator - a taunt and challenge to Allied pilots. It roughly translated to 'Not you, Never!'


Using a closed loop pull-pull system, an Aileron Control Arm and an extra 1.5g linear servo, the addition of ailerons provides enough authority for some dynamic flying. The mechanism and design for controlling the ailerons is very similar to how the system operated on the full scale aircraft. 

The Microaces standard kit NOW INCLUDES the 1.5g Aileron Servo as well as the powerful Microaces HYPER motor, GWS4530 prop and adapter.


To complete the kit for radio controlled flight, all you need is an All In One (AIO) Receiver that's compatible with your transmitter.

Selecting the right receiver to complete your kit:

The Microaces AIO 5CH micro receiver is available with the following protocols. If unsure, check your transmitter instruction manual to find out which protocol(s) it uses. Then select the compatible receiver protocol below to view the appropriate receiver to add to your order.

DSM2/X Compat. S-FHSS Compat. FrSky D8 Compat.  FrSky D16 Compat. AFHDS 2A Compat.

3D Printed Pilots

A fantastic enhancement to the kit, that really upgrades the level of realism; a 3D Resin Printed  1/24th scale pilot. Hollow printed for lightness (~1.0g unpainted). Add one to your order for the ultimate 'finishing touch'! Click on the image to see the range! 



Aero Fokker D.VII Model

Airframe Scale
Controls - 4CH Aileron, Rudder, Elevator, Throttle
Length 295mm / 11.5"
Wingspan 368mm / 14.5"
Wing Area 3.95 sq dm / 61 sq in.
Flying Weight. 37 - 42g/1.3 - 15oz
Wing Load ~9.2 g/sq.dm / 3.1 oz/sq.ft.
Microaces AIO 5 Channel Receiver
Motor / G.Box Microaces HYPER Motor Gearbox w/STANDARD prop shaft
Prop GWS 4530
Skill Level - Build Intermediate
Skill Level - Pilot Intermediate
Tools required Scalpel, 180 Grit sandpaper or stick, straight edge, tweezers
Rec. Adhesive Deluxe Materials Foam2Foam

Kit Content

SHEET PARTS 2mm laser cut Foam airframe sheet
1mm printed & laser cut Foam fuselage sheet
1mm printed & laser cut Foam flight surfaces sheet
200 micron printed & laser cut polypropylene sheet
polyester sticker sheet
LOOSE PARTS 0.8mm laser cut plywood motor mount & ACA
Two 30mm Ø neoprene rubber tires
Six 3mm Ø noedymium magnets
200mm x 5mm Ø plastic tube
1mm x 0.4mm carbon fibre strip
1mm Ø carbon fibre rod

2m rigging wire spool & threader
pre-shaped piano wire elevator & rudder control rods

Assembly Guide

The Assembly Guide for this model is included in the kit. 





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