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Nieuport 17 C.1 'Prancing Stallion' Francesco Baracca


History in the Making

Microaces love of aviation history ensures that the aircraft we reproduce as kits look fantastic on static display as well as in the air.

The Microaces Nieuport 17 C.1 kit replicates one of the most famous French designed sesquiplane fighters of WWI. The livery of this kit is that of the celebrated Italian fighter ace Major Francesco Baracca. 

With 34 confirmed kills, Baracca was a hero of the Italian Airforce and the highest scoring Italian Ace of WWI. But he was also modest, dutiful and exhibited compassion to both his squadron comrades and to his defeated enemies.

He would try to visit his victims in hospital afterwards, to pay his respects, or he would place a wreath on the grave of those killed. Sadly Francesco Baracca was also killed in combat only months before the end of the war.

The black Prancing Stallion emblem that Baracca adopted was a tribute to his former cavalry regiment. It earned him the moniker 'Cavalier of the skies'. After the war the emblem was gifted to Enzo Ferrari by Francesco's mother as a symbol of good luck for Enzo's racing team. It is now the famous Prancing Horse of the Ferrari marque.

Included in this multi-media kit is a vac-formed cowl and spinning dummy rotary engine kit. The resulting model has an incredible level of mechanical and visual detail that look great on display but even better when airborne.

*FREE Rocket Detail Pack included in kit if ordered before 16th June 2023.

From 2022 this kit NOW INCLUDES...

This Microaces kit is now supplied 'as standard' with the most suitable Microaces motor/gearbox and propeller combination for the model.

So to complete the kit for radio controlled flight, all you need is an All In One (AIO) Receiver that's compatible with your transmitter.

Selecting the right receiver to complete your kit:

The Microaces AIO 5CH micro receiver is available with the following protocols. If unsure, check your transmitter instruction manual to find out which protocol(s) it uses. Then select the compatible receiver protocol below to view the appropriate receiver to add to your order.

DSM2/X Compat. S-FHSS Compat. FrSky D8 Compat.  FrSky D16 Compat. AFHDS Compat.

Optional Extras

Balloon Busters

Invented by Frenchman Yves Le Prieur, the Prieur Rocket was an early air to air incendiary missile used against observation balloons and airships. Mounted on the interplane struts of fighter aircraft such as the N17, they were fired electrically from a switch in the cockpit.

Microaces have re-created the Prieur rocket stacks for detailing the Nieuport 17 kit. A formidable sight both on the ground and in the air. They are light enough not to affect the performance of the model yet add an exceptional level of detail to the kit.

3D Printed Pilots

A fantastic enhancement to the kit, that really upgrades the level of realism is a 3 dimensional pilot. Add one to your order for the ultimate 'finishing touch'! 


Microaces Nieuport 17 C.1 Kit

Airframe Scale
Controls Rudder, Elevator, Throttle
Length 250mm / 9.8"
Wingspan 360mm / 14.2"
Wing Area 3.3 sq dm / 51 sq in.
Flying Weight. 36 - 38g/1.2 - 1.3oz
Wing Load ~11.2 g/sq.dm / 3.7 oz/sq.ft.

Microaces AIO 5 Channel Receiver

Rec. Motor / G.Box*

Microaces Motor Gearbox with LONG prop shaft 

Rec. Prop* GWS 4530
Skill Level - Build Intermediate
Skill Level - Pilot Intermediate
Tools required Scalpel, 180 Grit sandpaper or stick, straight edge, tweezers
Rec. Adhesive Deluxe Materials Foam2Foam  / Aliphatic glue

*Now included in the kit

Kit Content

NOW INCLUDES  Brushed Motor/Gearbox with long prop shaft
GWS 4530 Prop and rubber prop adapter

2mm laser cut Depron Airframe sheet

1mm printed & laser cut Depron fuselage sheet

1mm printed & laser cut Depron flight surfaces sheet

200 micron printed & laser cut polypropylene sheet

polyester sticker sheet
0.8mm plywood parts sheet
Full colour Assembly Guide
LOOSE PARTS Two 30mm Ø neoprene rubber tires
Vacuum formed scale cowl

10mm brass sleeve for rotary engine 

Two 4mm Ø noedymium magnets
100mm x 6mm Ø plastic tube
200mm x 5mm Ø plastic tube
1mm x 0.4mm carbon fibre strip
1mm Ø carbon fibre rod
Rigging wire

pre-shaped piano wire elevator & rudder control rods



Assembly Guide

Click on Guide to download PDF file

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