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Scrappee Tyvek® Float Kit



Interchangeable with wheel set

The Microaces Scrappee Tyvek® Float Kit has been designed to attach to all Scrappee variants.

Makes a delightful upgrade to the look and experience of your current Scrappee model and is an easy build kit that comprises of:

  • laser cut 2mm foam internal framework that slots together
  • Hard wearing, waterproof and durable printed and laser cut Tyvek® external skin
  • 3D Printed Float Attachment Brackets for secure attachment and interchangeability
  • Utilitarian metal float design with lots of detail
  • Only adds an additional ~9g to the overall weight of the aircraft 
  • Optional HYPER Motor Upgrade for smoother takeoffs from water (Includes FREE spare plywood motor mount)

The 3D printed attachment brackets allow the floats to be completely interchangeable with the existing wheels, without any modification to the airframe. 

The floats are ideally suited to take off from smooth surfaces, short grass and snow. HOWEVER, it is recommended that you upgrade your motor to  a HYPER* motor/gearbox to make it easier to take-off from water.

AND, if you haven't built with Tyvek yet, this is an excellent & low cost opportunity to experience how this material, introduced to micro RC kits by Microaces, is used in model construction.

NOTE: Aircraft in images on this page are for example only. The aircraft are not included in the Tyvek® Float Kit.

*+250mAh battery recommended for best motor performance. E-Flite EFLB3001S25 battery works well. 




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