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Sopwith Camel Cooper Bomb Rack Detail Pack


For the discerning model builder who wants to elevate their model on display and in the air; we have re-created the rack and ordnance used by the Sopwith Camel.

A unique feature of Microaces aircraft is the level of detail included in a 1/24th scale model aircraft that actually flies. But you can take it even further by adding a Microaces Detail Pack.

The Cooper Bomb Rack is designed to fit the Microaces Sopwith Camel model. The Camel was used used in a ground attack role as well as a pursuit/fighter aircraft.

In the single rack detail pack you will find four 3D printed bombs, bomb rack and rails. The entire assembly weighs in at 1.8 grams

Bombs are supplied unpainted. Use Humbrol Matt 81 (Pale Yellow) and Humbrol Matt 33 (Black) to paint. 


(Aircraft kit not included - for illustrative purposes only.)

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