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SuperNoz - 2 Pack


A 3D printed glue nozzle to fit UHU por and Deluxe Foam2Foam 50ml tubes that will improve the entire experience of gluing!

  • Greater control over the application of glue
  • Reduction in the amount of glue used (lighter models)
  • Tapered tip allows access to hard to get areas
  • Easy to clean and maintain consistent flow
  • integrated external thread means the original cap can be used with the nozzle in situ

The SuperNoz takes the diameter of the glue tube hole from ~2mm to 1mm and will fit most standard metal 50ml glue tubes with threaded caps.

It makes gluing a pleasure. From applying thin beads to getting into areas that the standard nozzle cannot. It is a satisfying and worthwhile upgrade for much improved control!

And because it has an external thread, the original plastic cap can be employed to seal the glue after use, without the need to remove the SuperNoz until all the tube is empty.

**Tube of glue shown in images NOT INCLUDED**

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