<h1><b>MAKING</b> HISTORY</h1>
<p>Microaces kits are a radical departure from traditional methods of radio controlled scale model construction. With the development of a new type of covering material and a novel method of assembly these model aircraft are now available in a brand new type of micro profile-scale kit that is affordable, easy to put together, a joy to fly and look like no other micro scale aircraft currently available.</p><h1><b>ART</b> IN ACTION</h1>
<p>Every aircraft modelled has been thoroughly researched to produce fine art quality images of the subject that are then printed in full colour and exquisite resolution and included in the kit. When applied to the lightweight Depron Aero airframe the artwork builds up into a profile scale micro model ready for radio control, that not only has incredible visual appeal but inherits many of the characteristics of its full scale counterpart.</p><h1><b>FLYING</b> HISTORY</h1>
<p>The inspiration to illustrate such detail into our kits is down to the fascination of aviation itself and sheer admiration for those that have been responsible for creating aviation history. Each Microaces kit is a close profile replica of a specific aircraft that was flown by an individual pilot. If you are enthralled by aviation in this way then you will find that there is more to each kit than just a box of parts.</p><h1><b>AFFORDABLE</b> AVIATION </h1>
<p>Not only are Microaces kits at a price everyone will like, they are also designed so the expensive components, such as the electronics and brushless motor, can be easily transferred to other Microaces kits. The kits include an Rx Clip System and quick release rudder and elevator control rods that allow you to pop and swap your receiver brick even in the field so you can share the electronics between planes.</p><h1><b>TOUGH</b> ACT</h1>
<p>Great detail at small scale usually means delicate and fragile, but with Microaces kits comes a new type of tough. As well as internal carbon fibre strengthening, the newly developed outer covering adds incredible durability to the model. In addition, the scale foam spinner provides outstanding impact absorption, protecting the motor and airframe. So even if things go from bad to worse all that will be damaged is your pride.</p>


Making History

MICROACES brings aviation history alive with a completely new approach to kit building. By using advanced materials, innovative thinking and providing clear and well laid out instructions you are well on the way to experiencing micro RC flying like never before.


Hawker Hurricane

Two new kits of the Hawker Hurricane are available to pre-order. One Battle of Britain kit flown by the indomitable Sqn.Ldr. Douglas Bader and the other a stealthy Night Fighter flown by Czech pilot Fl.Lt.Karel Kuttelwascher. Uniquely, both models have fully working flaps.


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