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Albatros D.V/D.Va - Death's Head


From 2022 this kit NOW INCLUDES...

This Microaces kit is now supplied 'as standard' with the recommended brushless motor and propeller and a 1.7g rotary aileron servo.

So to complete the kit for radio controlled flight, you will just need a Brushless Receiver that's compatible with your transmitter and two additional 1.7g servos for the tail feathers. For this requirement, we have created the 1S Brushless Electronics Pack.

Selecting the 1S Brushless Electronics Pack to complete your kit:

The Microaces 1S Brushless receiver is available with the following protocols. If unsure, check your transmitter instruction manual to find out which protocol(s) it uses. Then select the compatible receiver protocol below to view the appropriate receiver to add to your order.

DSM2/X Compat. S-FHSS Compat. FrSky D8 Compat.

Making History

Microaces love of aviation history ensures that the aircraft we reproduce as kits look fantastic on static display as well as in the air.

The Microaces Albatros D.V kit replicates one of the most memorable German fighters of WWI. Manufactured by Albatros Flugzeugwerke in 1917, the D.V was the last of the line of the 'D' series aircraft with the D.Va continuing in service until the end of the war.

The livery of this particular Albatros D.V is that of Georg von Hantelmann, a German fighter ace credited with 25 confirmed victories and 5 un-confirmed, during World War I. It was notable that these victories included three opposing aces shot down within the same week.


 The Albatros D.V is Microaces first in 1/20th scale. The increase from our usual 1/24th has enabled us to re-create the beautiful oval cigar shape of the Albatros fuselage as well as enhance the details and structures to be even more like the full scale aircraft, without compromising on scale performance in the air.

And a swathe of high resolution 3D printing, to reproduce engine parts and weaponry, elevates this kit to an even higher level of scale than you have been used to with Microaces models.


The contours of the sleek fuselage are made possible with the use of Tyvek. More often used in packaging and construction, Tyvek is an extremely strong paper like material made from plastic fibres, making it light weight, printable, chemically resistant so; fantastic for a kit making application.


Another leap forward, that is embraced by this kit, is the use of a Brushless Motor and supporting electronics. Although still operating on the convenience and safety of a 1 cell, 3.7v Lipo battery, the setup provides the smooth scale power required for a larger model.


Assembly Guide

Kit Specification

Albatros D.V/D.Va

Airframe Scale (1/20th)
Controls Rudder, Ailerons, Elevator, Throttle
Length 370mm / 14.5"
Wingspan 450mm / 17.7"
Wing Area 5.60 sq dm / 86.8 sq in.
Flying Weight 60.0g/2.1oz
Wing Load 10.71g/sq.dm / 3.51oz/sq.ft.
Rec. Receiver Microaces 5CH Receiver with 5A Brushless ESC
Rec. Servos*

 3 x 1.7g Micro Rotary Servos for Aileron, Rudder & Elevator

Rec. Motor ** Microaces AP05 5000Kv Brushless Motor
Rec. Prop ** GWS 5030
Skill Level - Build Intermediate
Skill Level - Pilot Intermediate
Tools required Sanding Stick, Scalpel, Tweezers, Rigging Tool
Rec. Adhesive Deluxe Materials Foam2Foam  / Aliphatic glue

*One aileron servo included in kit  **Parts included in Kit

included in Brushless Flight Pack

Kit Content

NOW INCLUDES Microaces AP05 5000kV Brushless Motor
1.7g Micro Rotary Servo for Aileron 
SHEET PARTS 2mm laser cut Depron Airframe sheet x 2
1mm printed & laser cut foam x 3
Tyvek printed & laser cut sheet x 3
Polypropylene sheet printed & laser cut  x 1
polyester sticker sheet x 1
LOOSE PARTS 0.8mm laser cut plywood sheet x 1
Rubber tires x 2
4mm Ø noedymium magnets x 8
140mm x 4mm Ø plastic tube x 2
500mm x 1mm x 0.4mm carbon fibre strip x 2
100mm x 1.5 mm Ø carbon fibre rod
pre-shaped piano wire elevator & rudder control rods
130mm x 1.0 mm Ø carbon fibre tube x 2
Vac formed parts x 1
3D printed parts x 3

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